The DOPA (The Department Of Pro-Activeness), is a podcast by Alex Normanton.
The DOPA was set-up to fuel conversations around creative wellness, and put positivity back into the ears, hearts and minds of people working within the creative industry. A brand created to enable candid conversations around specific topics like fear, self-doubt, failure, mistakes (to name a few), and ultimately to facilitate change.
Calango was approached to translate the existing brand look and feel into a unique motion design language. The goal of the project was to deliver a flexible system that went beyond a simple animated logo. A multi-faceted motion language was developed to adapt across various brand touch-points, especially in the digital realm.
As humans, we are in a state of flux; constantly evolving, changing, developing and growing alongside the ideas we create. The solution allowed the geometric letterforms to morph, flex and shape-shift with versatility and ease.
The DOPA motion design system is minimal and captivating in single colour whilst vibrant and playful in full colour. Geometric shapes can either work as a standalone device, adapt to different formats or become a huge living background when cropped. And when used as a mask, it reveals different parts of an image in a seductive way. 
It can animate in and out, be contained in an infinite loop and even morph back into the DOPA monogram.

“The work that Calango has carried out for the DOPA brand has exceeded all expectations. Jeroen's ideas, attention to detail, commitment and craft has been exceptional. I am incredibly grateful for his investment of time, skill, passion, patience and creativity for this project.”
– Alex Normanton: Founder, Creator & Host of DOPA

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Alex Normanton  Creative Director, Copywriter and Designer
Jeroen Krielaars → Motion Theory, Language & Design
Petra Eriksson  Illustration
Keelan Doyle → Composer & Musician
Gradient Type → Typeface Design


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